The Best Time to Try Fly Fishing The Best Time to Try Fly Fishing

Fly-fishing experts consider September to be the perfect time to try fly-fishing on the East-End. What many people just don't know how easy fly-fishing can be if you fish as a team to learn the fundamentals. Most beginners made two main fly-fishing errors that need to be corrected. First of all, many budding fly-fishers just make too many false casts while trying to get the line far from the boat. When fishing as a team, one person is raising fish with a hookless popper and the other is casting a fly rod. Make sure you cast about 30 feet as fish will chase the teaser plug right to the boat. Consider making one back-cast and dropping your line forward. The fish will find the fly anyway.
Another mistake is setting the hook with the rod. In salty fly-fishing the rod is rather soft so setting the hook solidly requires some practice. To do it right just point the tip right at the fish and strip hard on the line. It's easier to catch fish with a spinning stick but you need some practice to master fly-fishing.
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