Shopping for Archery, Fly-Fishing and Duck Hunting Shopping for Archery, Fly-Fishing and Duck Hunting

A new retail shop for anglers, hunters and fans of outdoor activities has been recently opened in Oklahoma City, Okla. In this 82,000 square feet store you can find an archery range, aquarium, interactive exhibits, numerous wildlife displays and much more. Cabela's opening was on September 17th, in the Chisholm Creek Development not far from the Turnpike at north Western Avenue.
The company was started in 1961, when Dick Cabela decided to sell some fishing lures, which he had purchased during a furniture show in Chicago. Then, he advertised them for sale in a local newspaper. As a result, only one response was produced. Nevertheless, Dick didn't give up and rewrote the ad. This time he offered 5 hand tied flies as a free introduction and placed the ad in national outdoor magazines. Very soon he started receiving offers from all around the country.
Since that time, Cabela's has become a world-known outfitter of fishing, hunting and outdoor gear, with annual sales exceeding U.S. $3 billion. In 2014 Dick Cabela died in Sidney, Nebraska, at the age of 77.
Cabela's isn't just a simple retail shop. Cabela's stores offer visitors some attractions, including: displays of taxidermy of wild nature, indoor mountains, impressive aquariums and archery ranges. In addition, the company runs an ecommerce platform where customers can conveniently order the merchandise online and have it delivered right to the doorstep. To get discounts on online orders the consumers can use Cabela's promo codes and coupons.
The success of the company can be proven by the 180,000 square feet Kansas City, Kansas store, which was visited by over four million customers in one year. The largest Cabela's shop is currently in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. It has an incredible area of more than 250,000 square feet.
Cabela's store in Sidney, Nebraska also includes a restaurant, a travel service and even a gun library, where the visitors can enjoy some examples of the gunmaker's art. There is a museum dedicated to Elmer Keith in Boise, Idaho store. The Cabela's store in Maine houses a shooting gallery with rifles and handguns.
Even though, Cabela's has more than 60 stores all around the country, the company has announced plans to nearly double its number of current retail locations within the next four years.
In fact, the company has produced several TV series called Cabela's Outfitter Journal and Cabela's Memories in the Field, which have been broadcast on WildTV and The Outdoor Channel. Also, Cabela's has released several series of video games, including Cabela's Big Game Hunter series, Cabela's Outdoor Adventures series, and Cabela's Dangerous Hunts series.