Ocean Fishing in Tenerife South

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The azure blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean brim with a variety of fish and Tenerife Island, one of the Canary Islands, is a popular destination for millions of fishers from around the world who come there to experience unforgettable thrill of catching the biggest fish in their life. Fishing in Tenerife is the most fascinating entertainment for tourists as at this gorgeously beautiful destination you don’t need to sail far from the coast to get your catch. And all these adventures can be captured in the photo.

In Tenerife you can experience the thrill of battling big Blue Marlin and a variety of other big game fishes such as White Marlin, Dorado, different Tunas (including the Giant Blue Fin), Wahoo and some Sharks (including the legendary Mako Shark with its unrivaled fighting ability).

Fishermen can use different gear to catch fish on the island of Tenerife, both in the coast and off the coast in the open ocean. Waters near Tenerife boast plenty of different species, including sea bass, eels, mullet, tuna, shark, sea bream, eagle ray, skate, spearfish and many others. The most skillful and experienced fishermen can even catch a Blue Marlin at 150-180 kg and more when fishing in the open ocean! Shore fishing requires the use of sliding float fishing and bottom fishing rods (Donka). The species of fish you are going to catch will depend on the gear you use, the type of bait and the method of fishing.

Shore Fishing

When choosing the spot for fishing make sure the rocks are not slippery. Wearing sneakers or other quality gear is a must, and don’t forget to don a hat and apply the facial sun protecting cream.

If you use a float fishing rod make sure it is sturdy and rather flexible as ocean fish have protected mouth and move pretty quickly.

The cardinal rule of the ocean fishing – the fish eat everything! So there is no need to bother what to use as bait. Many fishermen use shrimp as the universal bait. It can be used even frozen, cut into pieces of about 1 cm. All underwater dwellers are lured by it, from octopuses to sea breams.

If you are going to catch a variety of ocean vegetarians make sure your fishing rod features some lightweight float. You may take a small plastic bucket where some white bread can be soaked to be used as bait. Then place the roll made of bread onto the hook and wait for the fish.

The most wicked fish vegetarian that dwells in the waters surrounding Tenerife is thicklip mullet that can reach the weight of up to 7 kilograms. With incredible strength and might, this fish can easily break the fishing rod. It is also very smart: carefully tries the bait and quickly spits it out if it seems suspicious. Thicklip mullet likes white bread and prefers to feed at the upper waters.

Finally, it should be noted that you can fish in Tenerife 24 hours nonstop, but do remember that you will catch different fish at different time of the day. If you start shore fishing at sunset the chances are that you can catch a variety of different fish as it is more courageous at dust and such giant fish as mullet, octopuses, muraena and cuttlefish go hunting. But be careful at the rocks to prevent injuries that may happen in the dark. However avid fishermen won’t get scared…