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If you come to visit the central corridor at the new Bass Pro Shops store in Rocklin you will be awed by the scale and the beauty of nature scenes, painted murals and wild animals. Bass Pro Shops is a real expert in creating a fun outdoor experience indoors, and a typical store usually exhibits over 3,500 nature artefacts.
One can read a lot on the subject of "shopping as entertainment", but for a hands on lesson in this concept, you had better visit the new Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World that has recently been opened in Rocklin near the Sierra College Boulevard.
As soon as you approach the store, its impressive rooftop draws your attention and makes you wonder what can be under it. The facade of the building attracts with its warm, lodge-style design. Outside the shop, there is a wide range of Tracker boats.
Johnny Morris, an experienced fisherman and an owner of Tracker and Bass Pro Shops, has started his business because of lack of shops, which sell good fishing equipment in his hometown of Springfield, Mo. In fact, nowadays thereís a 350,000-square-feet Bass Pro store.
In Springfield, Johnny Morris is currently reconstructing and expanding a Wonders of Wildlife Museum with its realistic wildlife dioramas and even live exhibits. Furthermore, he owns the Big Cedar Lodge, the Top of the Rock resort, the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park and some others.
Over 90 Bass Pro stores have been opened all around the country. These stores can satisfy any hunter, fisherman or other fan of outdoor activities. However, itís not enough to lure customers, so, as well as many other retailers, Bass Pro combine and develop both educating and entertaining attractions to be able to compete with rivals. Even though, this trend started several years ago, it boosted during the economic downturn when retailers were doing their best to attract more new customers.
The dioramas in the store exhibit a great variety of species, such as: bears, river otters, raccoons, wild turkeys, ducks and many others. The taxidermy is arranged in a special way so it seems to be alive and moving around. The process of creating dioramas took quite a long time. At first the team of designers got only a sketch and, after receiving taxidermy, they start designing dioramas trying to make them lifelike. For creating some plants, the team combines both natural and artificial materials. Before applying any material they make it fireproof.
Besides the dioramas and the murals, you can notice imitation of some animal tracks on the floor. The prints can be found even outside the store and they lead to images of the animals, which created them.
As you approach the fishing and water sports section, you can see a massive aquarium with native species of fish. Half the fish was got by the fishing team and the rest of fish was provided by farms.
The aquarium is one of the most favourite places of visitors. In fact, the fish can live for a long time and, for example, a sturgeon in Manteca has grown to about 5 feet since the aquarium was opened. As for taking care of the aquariums, Bass Pro cooperates with Aquamoon. Aquamoon is said to be going to have an employee who is responsible for feeding the fish, cleaning the aquarium and some other things. The director of animal care for Aquamoon, Brian Gauger says that they feed the fish 3 times a week and they are planning to do it in public in order to tell people about the ration of every fish.
A section, where fishing equipment including rods and tackle is sold, can be easily found near the aquarium. Also, thereís a store that services boats and cross-country vehicles and an indoor archery range. Moreover, the store offers a large variety of boats.
All in all, if you visit this store, you will definitely have an unforgettable experience.
Founded in 1971, Bass Pro Shops is the country's leading outdoor retailer offering an incredible array of fishing and boating equipment. With numerous stores across the USA and Canada Bass Pro Shops has become the premier shopping destination for hunting, camping, outdoor gear, footwear and nature-themed gifts. Johnny Morris, the owner, has managed to turn his stores not only into shopping mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, but also make them truly special places inspiring people to love and protect the great outdoors. Among Bass Pro Shops conservation initiatives are fish and wildlife habitat improvements, improving water quality as well as quality of local lakes and springs, providing educational programs on conservation and outdoor skills. Bass Pro Shops has partnered with and collaborates with various organizations committed to conserving and managing the country's natural resources.